Welcome to Findlater Photography.  We’re a husband and wife team from Invercargill, New Zealand.  We’ve been hobby photographers for the past 7 years and have recently made the leap into professional photography.  Layton is the principal photographer currently using a Nikon D800, while Aileen is 2nd shoot/assistant/admin and is currently using a Nikon D90 but looking to upgrade to full frame shortly.

Layton specialises in Landscape Photography (either scenic or urban) while Aileen is more detail orientated preferring to shoot macros, close-ups or details rather than wide shots.

To date Layton’s photos have been used in commercial brochures and magazines, printed in a book, and used as stock photos in varying media.  He has also sold a couple of pieces and done work exclusively on commission.

We decided to start this blog to not only share our images, but also to give them a bit of context and get some feedback.  As you will see in upcoming posts we’re currently gathering a decent lighting kit and experimenting with strobist photography.  So don’t be shy, leave comments and let us know how you think we’re going!


Let us know what you think

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