Strobist Experiments

Following on from our night shoot experiments we took Maggie out again during the day to try to experiment balancing ambient light in bright daylight.  Here are the results of our experiment.

While researching how to do this we came across a great tutorial from Phlearn – I’ve already posted a link to the tutorial in a separate post.  We based our experiments on trying to emulate the shots created during the tutorial with the thought that once we worked out what we were doing we could use that knowledge in our own shoots down the track.

While we realise the angles aren’t the most flattering according to the ‘rules’ of shooting portraits, we wanted to experiment with the angles and so on while we had the opportunity (which doesn’t come along often without risking loosing clients).  Sometimes rules are made to be broken and we were relatively pleased with the angles on these shots.  With a few tweeks and on the right shoot we might just have to try this sort of thing again!


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