Alice in Wonderland Inspired Shoot – Part I

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Shoot – Part I

After a few months of planning, gathering the costume and props and following a couple of false starts, we finally managed to get our Alice Shoot off the ground.  This was the first in our series of themed shoots, which we’ve been bursting to share with everyone, but due to an argument with technology this has taken a bit longer than we anticipated.

Now finally here they are!  Thanks to all those that have been patiently waiting for this post.

The shoot was a massive day for all concerned – starting at 10.30am for hair and makeup, through to wrapping just after 8pm with the last of us getting home about 9.30pm.  But it was well worth it and as the saying goes…time flies when ya having fun!

We had a couple of close calls with the weather starting out like pea soup, then clearing but being too sunny.

Thanks have to go to the hairdresser – Tawhirimatea Nazea Kakau; not only for the amazing hair styles, but also for allowing us to borrow the Time After Time Salon to get the girls ready; the makeup artist Maggie Watts who stepped in with little notice and produced great results; Samantha and Danielle Johnson for being our long-suffering models and still smiling; and Tim Johnson and Bina Edwards for being great sun blockers, voice-activated light stands, and assistants.

This shoot was in two parts.  First in this series is the Innocent Alice Collection – prior to getting to Wonderland (although to be honest there was only one of us that fell down a rabbit hole during the shoot and it wasn’t Alice).


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