On the move…

Lately we’ve been reflecting on what we offer clients and where we see ourselves heading in the future.  Throughout this process we’ve been changing our packages to reflect where we want to be as a business and as artists.


To date we’ve also been selling images either as one off commissions or fine art prints unofficially through Facebook (above is an example of our most recent framed print).  Over the past few months we’ve been testing a variety of printers and framers.  We’ve finally decided on a regular printer and framer and now that we’re happy we can deliver archival quality images for a reasonable price we’re going to officially offer Layton’s artistic photography as Fine Art Prints when we launch our new look website and redesigned packages – keep an eye out for the relaunched website early in the New Year.

In line with our new look and direction we’ve also decided to move our blog from Tumblr to WordPress as we feel this is a better fit for what we want to do and how we want to communicate with our followers and potential clients.  Don’t forget to subscribe to get updates on our latest projects and shoots.


Let us know what you think

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