12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Day 6

We’ve reached the halfway mark in our series and today we’re taking a little look at some Christmas trees (unfortunately these are of the fake variety, but decoratable all the same).

You might notice a bit of smoke in the background of a couple of images…no the lights didn’t get too hot and catch fire.  We are actually doing a little experimenting with a smoke machine for another project and couldn’t resist having a wee go with the trees – just to entertain ourselves if we’re honest.

We liked the effect of the smoke in the background so those images made the cut.  Also we figured if you squint your eyes enough and use some imagination you could convince yourself you’re in the middle of a winter Christmas of some odd description (and if you can’t imagine that then just humour me and pretend you can).

As an added extra today we came across a Top 10 Christmas Tree Decorations blog post, some of them are pretty cool, click the link to check them out.

If you have just found this post and wonder what the above ramblings are all about then click the home link at the top of the page and check out our previous 12 Days of Christmas posts.  It’ll either give you a bit of context or leave you still scratching your head.


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