12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Day 8

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…following Day 5’s post the other day (Christmas Lights) I was involved in a discussion on Facebook about my dream to one day experience a white Christmas.

My dream is very reminiscent of the movies whereby I’ll be inside by the fire on Christmas Day whilst being snowed in (up to the windows of course).  I’ll make snow angels and it’ll get dark a lot sooner so I can go out and enjoy the Christmas lights at a decent hour of the night (rather than having to wait until at least 10.30pm before it’s even remotely dark enough).  I’ll also suddenly gain some balance and coordination skills so I can go ice-skating on Christmas Eve and breathe out puffs of cold winter air while wrapped in my fashionable yet very warm matching scarf and mittens set.

I did concede during the discussion that although I would love this romantic idea of a white Christmas, I know I’d be inside complaining about how cold it is and I’ll just expand on that by adding that I’d also be trying to work out how close I can possibly get to the fire without singeing my gorgeously ugly Christmas jumper/jersey (think Bridget Jones‘ Mr Darcy’s first appearance).  However, by that stage I’m guessing I would also have a slight case of hypothermia from being outside in real snow (we only get wet snow here and I have yet to experience the wonderful powder variety we see in movies – coz everyone knows movies just capture real life!).

So today there are only a couple of images – dedicated to a Northern Christmas.  Having never experienced this, our version may be a ‘slight’ side step from reality.



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