12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Bonus Images

12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Bonus Images

Ok, so we couldn’t resist another post!

Today’s going to be mash up of images from our 12 Days series that didn’t quite make it into the Day posts for whatever reason.

The main reason for this post was to thank everyone for following our series and those that liked our posts or commented either on here, via PM on Facebook or in person.

We’ve had such a great time with this series that we’ve decided to join a 365 Day Challenge Group in the New Year.  We won’t post all our 365DC images here, but we’ll try to post the best ones.  We’re also going to incorporate the WP Weekly Challenge where possible – two birds, one stone and all that.  So basically 2014 is just going to be one be challenge for us!

We also wanted to thank Ma and Pa for letting us come over, borrow their ornaments and turn their house into a studio for the evening – and also for being fantastic photography assistants.

Layton is currently working on a retrospective of his landscape, urban and artistic photography over the past year.  Make sure to keep an eye out in the next week for his ‘Best of 2013 Collection’.

So thanks again and we hope everyone enjoys the real 12 Days of Christmas which of course start tomorrow.

And a few extras – these are cellphone snap shots taken during the Christmas season:


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