ice queen | inspirational photoshoot // Behind the Shutter

I’ve been following Sal Cincotta for a wee while now as I love his large scale, architecturally inspired wedding portraiture style.

Additionally he is the editor of the free online trade mag ShutterMag.  I stumbled on this magazine a month or so ago and have slowly been going through the archives.  The mag is aimed at industry professionals and contains well written articles on various aspects of photography as a business.  It’s very wedding orientated but I’ve found some fantastic snippets of advice that could apply to any photography business regardless of your specialty.

I wanted to share one of his latest blog posts – a behind the scenes of his recent Ice Queen image.  In his post he not only gives a behind the scenes following some criticism on Facebook, but he also explains the reasoning behind the shoot.

It’s  a great read and explained (far better than I ever could) the reasons behind all our experiments and miniature shoots.

Check out the post and get out experimenting!


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