Layton’s Walkabout in Dunedin

Layton’s Walkabout in Dunedin

For the most part this wasn’t really a walkabout, more a drive-about – but the same concept.  Layton tried to take a break from the Miniature Men last weekend, unfortunately they had other ideas as you can see with the photo bomb below.

This would have been a normal walkabout, however the weather wasn’t conducive to the cause.  So instead we decided to take a drive round the Otago Peninsula.  The weather seemed to be really against us though.  The rain was light while we were driving but as soon as Layton saw a shot and got out to take it, the heavens opened – lucky Layton’s camera is weather-sealed!

Despite the weather it was such a lovely drive.  We would highly recommend a leisurely drive round the Peninsula if you’re in the area.  There are such a variety of interesting things to see (and photograph) along the way.  From landscapes through to the diverse range of wildlife in the area, it really is a beautiful part of the world.

Not to mention the artistic, and at times quirky, embellishments that flourish the area (my favourite being the wacky “Cup Tree” we stumbled across).  Unfortunately due to the rubbish weather we weren’t able to do the area much justice photographically.  I feel another trip in the future is a must – now we just have to find the time to get round there again.

As we headed back into town we were stunned to discover the remains of the old Rugby Stadium – the much-loved Carisbrook.  Despite the fact we have watched with interest as the grounds were first sold, then slowly picked apart; when it came to the actual demolition of the structure it has happened very quickly.

Even though we knew it was happening, it was still a bit of a shock and to see it had actually happened.   It was reminiscent of the destruction in Christchurch after the Earthquakes.  You tend to take old buildings like that for granted – they become an icon of the city and you just assume they will always be there.  Many memories were created at Carisbrook and it was a bit weird to see it almost completely destroyed.

Layton rounded off his walkabout by visiting one of his favourite places in Dunedin – St Clair Esplanade; the beach and of course the St Clair ‘Sticks’.


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