Boxing Shoot – Round 1

Boxing Shoot – Round 1

Over the past few months we’ve taken a bit of time out from client shoots to concentrate on building up our portfolio.  When we began this process we created a list of six shoots we wanted to complete.  So far we’ve done three of those shoots as we keep getting side-tracked with other ideas, opportunities or experiments.

For our latest project we were trying to organise  a tattoo shoot.  While this was yet another self-indulgent shoot, it was meant to be an opportunity to showcase an artistic side to strobist lighting.

During the process of organising this shoot we were introduced to Tom Heads, our potential tattoo model.  However, when we found out he’s on the verge of launching his pro-boxing career we couldn’t resist asking him to do a sports shoot instead (obviously we are quite easily side-tracked!).

Lucky for us he was keen!  The shoot is all set up for Thursday and we couldn’t be more excited.  In the meantime Tom is heading to his first fight shortly and needed a couple of quick promo shots to send through to the Promoter.

This was a last minute shoot in our backyard, but actually turned out to be quite a helpful practice session for the real thing.

So here’s Round One of our Boxing/Sports Profile shots.

Have you done a Sports shoot?  Got any feedback on our shots?  Any tips or tricks you want to share?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.




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