Farm Jam 2014

Farm Jam 2014

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending Farm Jam 2014.  Here are a small selection of our favourite photos from the FMX part of the event.

Farm Jam is an annual contest for Freestyle Motorcross (FMX), BMX and Mountain Bike (MTB) riders held on the Frew Farm in Otapiri Gorge, Southland, NZ.  Since 2008 it has grown to become quite a popular event both within the two-wheeled action-sports circles and with the general public.  You can read more about Farm Jam’s history and the event organisers in this article – Meet the Frews.

If you want to find out more information about how this year’s competition played out, including who won in each discipline, check out the roundup on Red Bull’s website.

As for us, after a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon we came away with some great pictures.  As mentioned above, these are just a small selection of our favourites.  Since this was purely for fun and another opportunity to shoot action/sports photography, we thought we’d try a few experiments with our post-processing.

What do you think of the slightly different look?

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