Boxing Shoot – Round 3 – Portrait Shots

Boxing Shoot – Round 3 – Portrait Shots

As mentioned in Round 2‘s post we recently had the pleasure of joining local boxer Tom Heads in a training session as he prepared for his first pro fight.  Round 3 of this series is a few profile type shots taken during the same training session as Round 2.

You may notice that we’ve played around with a few different styles for this series.  This not only gave us the opportunity to experiment and see what worked and what didn’t; but it also allows Tom a variety of styles to choose from if he wants to use them as promotional shots.

What do you think of the different looks in our Boxing Shoot series?  Do you have a particular style for sports portraits that really works for you?  Drop us a line below and let us know.

We have one more round to go in our boxing series, keep an eye out in the next day or so for Round 4 – The Knockout Round

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our work, we hope to see you again soon.


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