The Abby Collection

The Abby Collection

Recently we’ve been working on getting a few portfolio shots together to show potential clients what we can do.  As part of this process we’ve joined forces with a couple of local businesses to showcase their products and services at the same time – which also gives our shoots a bit of focus and direction rather than just being self-assigned projects.

The Abby Collection is from one of these portfolio shoots.  The original plan for this shoot was an Autumn theme utilising the beautiful colours around us in contrast to the dresses we’d planned to use.  However, the weather had other ideas.

We owe huge thanks for this shoot to Rose from The White Heron, who agreed to let us use her function centre at very short notice.  The White Heron is such a beautiful location and I daresay we could have been there for days shooting in all the little nooks and crannies on offer.  We also want to thank Steph Mac who did such a fantastic job with the makeup and was so easy going; and Debbie from Balladonna’s who let us loose on her vast collection of dresses and helped us pick the perfect dresses for Abby.

Last but not least we want to both thank and apologise to Abby – by the end of the shoot we knew she was cold, but it wasn’t until we loaded the photos in Lightroom and saw her goosebumps that we realised how cold she actually was; yet she never complained and went so far as assuring us throughout the shoot she was fine.

As you can see we’re still experimenting with different lighting techniques.  It’s been a great experience learning what works and what doesn’t.  These shoots have really helped us grow into the sort of photographers we want to be and helped us really work out what we as a business want to offer clients.  Layton’s also been experimenting with a few different post-processing techniques – all done by hand.  Once again, this has allowed us the chance to trial a variety of techniques and figure out what our customers respond to and what just doesn’t work for us.

Model: Abby Aurik

Dresses: Balladonna’s Dress Hire

Makeup: Steph Mac Makeup Artist

Location: The White Heron Function and Catering Centre

Thanks for stopping by our blog and checking out our work.  We appreciate your support and invite any feedback you have to offer.


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