Capturing the Milky Way

Capturing the Milky Way

Layton’s been dabbling in astrophotography since we first discovered what an Aurora was a few years ago.

He’s had many successes both with Aurora and other forms of astrophotography; but he’s always wanting to push himself and improve his skills in this area.

So a few weeks ago, when one of the local photographers touted the idea of heading out to try capturing the Milky Way over an old boat graveyard near Bluff, Layton didn’t need much convincing.

It wasn’t long before a small group of local photographers also jumped at the chance to meet up.

The problem with trying to capture the night sky at this time of year is that in order for it to be clear, you have to be prepared to head out in some pretty cold temperatures.  Needless to say this was a solo outing rather than a duet!

Despite the temperature and the late hour he ended up getting home, Layton was pretty pleased with the results.  He says it was challenging but a highly rewarding night.

Have you tried to capture the Milky Way recently?  Or do you have any tips on how to get great results?  Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts and opinions.


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