Add A Touch Of Colour

Add A Touch Of Colour

Winter can be a long dark 3 months of freezing temperatures and depressing bleak days; so we decided to start this winter off with a bit of colourful fun.

We came across some pictures of bright makeup a year or so ago and have been gagging to set up a photoshoot and give it a go.  It all came together a couple of months ago when Step Mac jumped on board as our makeup artist and Hannah Short agreed to model for us.

A couple of days before the shoot we met up with Steph to go over a couple of ideas.  This was meant to be a discussion, but very quickly turned into an evening of experimenting.  Since I was not the makeup artist and I wasn’t the photographer I became the model by default.  This photo was from about halfway through the evening:

Bright Makeup Trial

We were pretty excited with the results and couldn’t wait for the actual shoot.

And what a shoot it was!  We had a lot of fun, quite a few laughs and even managed to get a few photos.  This first gallery shows Steph (when we could catch her) in the process of creating her magic.

The second gallery are the results.  When you compare the first look to the last you can see the makeup was ever-evolving throughout the shoot.

All in all we not only had a very successful shoot, but we really enjoyed working with a couple of great artists, both of whom we can’t wait to work with again.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing our work, we appreciate any feedback so feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what you think.


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