Portraits of a Tattoo Artist

Portraits of a Tattoo Artist

Meet Tash Shackleton, an incredibly talented tattoo artist currently in Dunedin.

Tash was kind enough to model for us recently, showing a few of her own tattoos, mostly her own work.  This was a great chance for us to experiment with some different lighting and to work on a different style of portraits that we’ve been wanting to try for a wee while.

Tash was very patient and easy-going throughout this shoot and we really want to thank her for modelling for us on a freezing cold Friday night.

We also wanted to give her work a bit of a shout-out.  As you can see incredibly talented doesn’t quite seem to cover it.  She’s an artist in every sense of the word and if tattoos aren’t your thing, she also does more traditional forms of artwork which are equally stunning.

She’s just hooked up with a studio in Dunedin Dissident Art, head over to their Facebook page to check out more of her work and designs.


Thanks for stopping by and checking out our work, we hope you enjoyed your visit and hope to see you again soon.

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