Stopped by a Stranger

Stopped by a Stranger

Ever since Christchurch’s major earthquake in 2011, whenever we’re up that way we try to get into the CBD to capture the ever changing cityscape.

On a recent night shoot walkabout in the CBD we were approached by a random stranger (Kaleb) and asked to take his picture.   We’ll post the Christchurch images shortly, but in the meantime here are the portraits we captured.

Normally for a portrait shoot at the very least we’d have an off-camera fill flash, but since we were capturing the buildings we didn’t need any artificial lighting, so didn’t have anything with us.  We had to improvise and ended up using the light from his iPhone as our fill flash.  They’re not perfect, but the iPhone definitely did a reasonable job.

It’s was refreshing to capture a random spontaneous street portrait compared to the planning and gear that goes into a usual portrait shoot.

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