All Good Things Take Time…including blogposts

All Good Things Take Time…including blogposts

Lately I feel a bit like someone attending confession every time I post on here…forgive me dear readers for I have sinned.  It’s been almost 3 months since my last post…

And it’s the same weary excuse time after time, in fact it really is just time, or lack thereof at least!

We’ve had so much going on in the past year that it really has been a struggle to regularly update the blog with our news, client shoots and Layton’s walkabouts.

For those of you that follow us, you’ll know last year Layton was doing a 365 Photo Challenge.  Well I’m pleased to announce he completed the Challenge admirably – although there were a couple of days when he took advantage of the fact that it was still the previous day somewhere in the world – there are advantages to living ahead of time!

Followers of the Challenge will remember that it developed into taking a photo involving one or both of the Miniature Men every day.  Well the Mini Men (as they’ve become known) have upgraded to their own blog now.  That’s one of the things that have been keeping me busy; I’m transferring all their weekly roundups from this blog to their one.

They have huge plans for this year and have just embarked on a world tour.  Head on over to their blog to find out all the details (after you’ve finished here of course!)

Also for those of you with really good memories (coz it feels like so long ago), early last year we mentioned a few times how we were busy on a project.  We’ve announced this on our Facebook page already, but our project was creating the images for the Invercargill City Council’s 2015 Calendar.

We’re so excited about this and it’s been so successful that it deserves a post all of its own, so I’ll post that in the next day or so (I know, promises, promises!)

We’ve also been working hard the last couple of months on our new look website.  I’ll be sure to announce that as soon as it’s ready.

We have a few plans up our sleeves for 2015 and look forward to a year of fun, experiments, photos and meeting new clients.

In the meantime, here are a couple of pics Layton took on a trip through to Alexandra recently.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our work, we hope to see you again in the coming year as I try to post more regularly so you have something to come back and see.

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