2015 Southland Busker’s Festival

2015 Southland Busker’s Festival

This past weekend has been a really busy one in the South, there’s just been so many events to choose from.

Although we would have liked to go to everything, we simply couldn’t, and decided on attending a few acts from the annual Southland Busker’s Festival.

I believe this event is now in it’s 6th year, and continues to go from strength to strength.

We managed to catch most of the acts this year at one time or another and they were all highly entertaining and of a very high calibre.

I won’t go into each of the acts, because I’m afraid I really won’t do them justice, they have to be seen to be enjoyed.  But here are a few photos Layton captured.  These are only a very small selection of what he captured.  We may post a few more once he’s finished editing some client photos from recent sessions which have to take priority.

It was quite funny but when we were at the Queen’s Park ‘Southland Times Busker Pitch’, of the 5 acts we saw there, all but one picked Layton out during the show and mentioned him taking photos – in fact Jamey from the UniPro Show even posed for him, which was really cool (see the photo below where he is posing lying on stage).


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