12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Day 12

12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Day 12

Day 12 – wow that went quickly!  As this is our big finale today we’re posting a few images relating to the origins of Christmas.

On Day 10 we briefly talked about the origins of Santa, but we decided that we needed to delve deeper into the ‘reason for the season’.

These images are in celebration of the origins of Christmas.  Whether you celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense or whether you choose a non-religious ‘Family Day’ celebration – this post is a hark back to the traditional Christmas story.

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12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Day 10

Christmas is a time of giving and of bringing joy to others.  Today we’re celebrating the origins of the jolly-red-clad-fat man.  Santa and all that he embodies can be traced back to the 4th century figure Saint Nicholas who was known for his secret gift giving (you can read his story here).

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12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Day 7

We’re keeping it nice and simple today.  Today’s images are close to Layton’s heart – Christmas goodies!  Owing to the fact that I’m not dedicated enough to cook an entire Christmas meal to take photos of it, here is a small selection of Layton’s favourites (excluding the turkey as per the aforementioned not being dedicated enough).

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12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Day 6

We’ve reached the halfway mark in our series and today we’re taking a little look at some Christmas trees (unfortunately these are of the fake variety, but decoratable all the same).

You might notice a bit of smoke in the background of a couple of images…no the lights didn’t get too hot and catch fire.  We are actually doing a little experimenting with a smoke machine for another project and couldn’t resist having a wee go with the trees – just to entertain ourselves if we’re honest.

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12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Day 5

Today we are celebrating one of my favourite things about Christmas…Lights!  There’s nothing more fascinating at this time of year than taking a bit of time out to do the Christmas lights circuit.

If you haven’t already been out, why not head out into your neighbourhood.  What better excuse for a nice family drive – or park up and go for a stroll.  People put so much effort into making their houses look amazing that it would almost be criminal not to get out and appreciate all their hard work (not to mention the money it must cost them).

In Invercargill we have a Light Up Your House competition, these are a couple of the entrants this year.

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12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Day 4

Wow!  Day 4 already.  Today we are celebrating the tireless worker bees – the people that work behind the scenes to make things happen.  The ones that do all the work and often don’t get the credit (I’m sure many of us can relate) – today is all about the elves.  These guys were too cute.

Leave a comment and let us know how you think we’re doing with our 12 Days series thus far, we’d love some feedback.

12 Days of Christmas (Images) – Day 3

I’m not entirely sure what trains have to do with Christmas, but they always seem to feature in Christmas decorations and Christmas movies such as The Polar Express – so there must be something in it!  If anyone knows, please leave a comment to enlighten me.

In the meantime…who doesn’t like trains!  So whether they actually have anything to do with Christmas or not, today’s all about the Christmas Trains.

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