Stopped by a Stranger

Stopped by a Stranger

Ever since Christchurch’s major earthquake in 2011, whenever we’re up that way we try to get into the CBD to capture the ever changing cityscape.

On a recent night shoot walkabout in the CBD we were approached by a random stranger (Kaleb) and asked to take his picture.   We’ll post the Christchurch images shortly, but in the meantime here are the portraits we captured.

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Strobist Experiments

Inspired by San Francisco Photographer Dustin Diaz ( we hooked up with local photographer Eddie Griffiths on Saturday for a night of experimental strobism.  It was freezing cold and slightly damp, but very rewarding as the images above show.  Layton also got to try another homage to Dustin, his first miniature shoot.  Radioactive Homer worked so well he’s itching to shoot another one…watch this space!