365 Photo Challenge – Week 24

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Back to Basics Update

What’s more exciting than buying the film camera you’ve been lusting after for a year or so?

Having it delivered to your door and having it in your hot little hands that’s what!

You may have guessed the F5 that we mentioned in our first Back to Basics post arrived today and we’re slightly excited about it.   Continue reading

Getting back to basics

Exciting times lay ahead for us!  We’ve just managed to secure a Nikon F5 – one of the last professional film SLR cameras released by Nikon.

Despite loving the D800 Layton’s been looking at getting back into film photography recently.  He really misses the look and feel of film as well as the need for learned precision that using film creates (compared to the shutterbug nature of digital).

Now to track some film down…

Strobist Experiments

Inspired by San Francisco Photographer Dustin Diaz (www.flickr.com/photos/polvero) we hooked up with local photographer Eddie Griffiths on Saturday for a night of experimental strobism.  It was freezing cold and slightly damp, but very rewarding as the images above show.  Layton also got to try another homage to Dustin, his first miniature shoot.  Radioactive Homer worked so well he’s itching to shoot another one…watch this space!