To Bee Or Not To Bee…

To Bee Or Not To Bee…

We love capturing people doing what they love, which is why hobby collections are so fun.

These images speak for themselves, Andy* passes his spare time indulging in his passions for beekeeping and clay shooting.

We were a little apprehensive about this shoot when we arrived.  Not having been around bees or beehives we were worried about how it was going to go.  Needless to say we had nothing to worry about.  We waited until there was a slight wind so the bees didn’t even come near us (as Andy had already assured us).

Apprehension aside, it was so interesting watching the process while Andy was checking the bees.  We absolutely loved the first image where the cow came for a visit while he was preparing the smoker.

However, the most enjoyable moment of the beekeeping shots by far had to be tasting the honey straight from the hive.  Delicious!

The second part of the shoot was slightly more involved.  The beekeeping was basically documentary-style, but when it came to clay shooting we switched to more posed shots.

This location came complete with a weathered out-building that provided the perfect backdrop for these shots and give them a little extra character.

And one final note in case anyone sees these and is concerned about safety.  Throughout this part of the shoot we took all necessary safety precautions, including remote triggering the camera in the shots where the gun was pointed in its direction.

*Name changed for privacy purposes

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